Orsi Hor­váth

Orsi Hor­váth, born 1983.

Orsi Hor­váth was born in 1983 in Buda­pest, whe­re she stu­di­ed pain­ting at the Uni­ver­si­ty of Fine Arts, and later con­cei­ved her Mas­ters at the Aca­de­my of Fine Arts in Leip­zig. She exhi­bi­ted in Buda­pest, Stutt­gart, Ber­lin, Leip­zig, Tal­lin, and Dae­gu, South Korea. She recei­ved scho­l­ar­s­hips and art resi­den­ci­es from the Buda­pest Gal­le­ry to Stutt­gart to stay and work at the Art Foun­da­ti­on of Baden-Würt­tem­berg, to Ber­lin from the Hun­ga­ri­an Fine Arts Fund, and from the Cul­tu­ral Foun­da­ti­on of Dae­gu South Korea. Her newest pain­ting seri­es distan­ces its­elf from the ever­y­day life and takes inspi­ra­ti­on from sculp­tu­ral forms, ones that she inten­si­ve­ly expe­ri­men­ted with during her stu­dies in Leip­zig. In her work she chal­len­ges the clas­si­cal medi­um by a strong colour­ful­ness and the clo­seness to sculp­tu­re, with moti­ves that ori­gi­na­te from the ter­rain of sci­ence-fic­tion. She crea­tes land­s­capes with inten­se and often bit­ing colours, with a curious fasci­na­ti­on to depict the never seen. Her moti­ves stay figu­ra­ti­ve and nar­ra­ti­ve to con­vey a sto­ry in dif­fe­rent sce­n­a­ri­os from an extra­ter­restri­al and / or digi­tal per­spec­ti­ve which then remains open to the viewer.


2012 – 2014 Meis­ter­schü­le­rin für Medi­en­kunst, Hoch­schu­le für Gra­fik und Buch­kunst bei Professorin
Alba D’Urbano und Oli­ver Kos­s­ack, Leip­zig, Deutschland
2003 – 2008 Diplom der Male­rei, Uni­ver­si­tät für Bil­den­de Kunst, Buda­pest, Ungarn
1998 – 2003 Abitur, Bereich Male­rei, Hoch­schu­le für Visu­el­le Kunst, Buda­pest, Ungarn


2016 – ’litt­le Resis­tance, litt­le patho­lo­gy’ mit Sasha Povz­ner, in Kunst­raum Tapir, kura­tiert von Büro für Kul­tu­rel­le Über­set­zun­gen (Bükü), Berlin
2015 – ’An insect falls into gun­pow­der (and enters the fire)’ Gachang Art Stu­dio, Dae­gu, Korea
2015 – Eas­tern Pro­mi­ses, Gale­rie Potem­ka, Leipzig
2014 – ’Oh ok’ mit Oli­ver Kos­s­ack, Büro für Kul­tu­rel­le Über­set­zun­gen (BüKü), Leipzig
2013 – ’The most fun without laug­hing’ mit Roman Schult­ze, Room 365, Leipzig
2013 – ’Also for the mons­ter’ Mas­so­lit, Gale­rie und Buch­hand­lung, Budapest
2011 – ’Open Ate­lier’ Kunst­stif­tung in Baden Würt­tem­berg, Stuttgart
2011 – ’8 hap­pi­ness’ Lud­wig Inzert, Budapest
2011 – ’Copy’ Öreg­he­gyi Kul­turá­lis Köz­pont, Szé­kes­fehérvár, Ungarn
2010 – ’Falu­dy’ Pető­fi Sán­dor Lite­ra­tur Muse­um, Budapest
2010 – ’Falu­dy’ JRD Art Camp, Vče­lin­ce, Slowakei
2009 – ’Human / Non-human’ Műv­eleti Terü­let Gale­rie, Budapest


2015 – ’Object is Medi­ta­ti­on and Poe­try’ Gras­si Muse­um, Leipzig
2015 – ’YAP – Young Artists Pro­ject’ Dae­gu Art Fair, Dae­gu, Repu­blik Korea
2014 – ’Euro­k­rem pres­ents „The Art is not pre­sent”, 48 Hours Fes­ti­val, Neu­kölln, Berlin
2013 – ’Time frame’, Raum 365, Leipzig
2013 – ’Euro­k­rem Pres­ents Euro­k­rem ’ Al Quads, Leipzig
2013 – ’Pro­test drawing’ – mit Dan Per­jov­schi, Gale­rie für Zeit­ge­nos­si­sche Kunst, Leipzig
2013 – ’Blood on Hermann’s beard’, HGB, Leipzig
2013 – ’Das ima­gi­nä­re Muse­um’ Ägyp­ti­schen Muse­um, Leipzig
2012 – ’Seven days’, Gozs­du court, Kel­ler “C ’, Budapest
2010 – ’Uue Maail­ma Selt­si­ga / New Word Com­pa­ny ’, Tal­linn, Estland
2010 – ’You are stan­ding in puke ’ Bake­lit Mul­ti Art Cen­ter, Budapest

2015 – Inter­na­tio­nal Artist in Resi­dence Pro­gram, Gachang Art Stu­dio, Dae­gu, Repu­blik Korea
2013 – Pro­test Work­shop mit Dan Per­jov­schi, Leipzig
2012 – Ari Kup­sus Art Camp, Iszkas­zent­györ­gy, Ungarn
2012 – Ber­lin Kunst­re­si­denz der Kunst­stif­tung Baden-Würt­tem­berg, Staat­li­che Kunst­fonds Ungarn
2011 – Work­shop mit Ruti Sela, tran​zit​.org Budapest
2011 – Artist in Resi­dence in Stutt­gart, Kunst­stif­tung Baden-Würt­tem­berg, Sti­pen­di­um des Buda­pest Galerie
2010 – JRD Work­shop, Vče­lin­ce, Slowakei
2009 – Kőrös­fői Kriesch Ala­dár Preis für Zeit­ge­nös­si­sche Kunst

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