Birte Endrejat

Birte Endrejat Portrait

Foto: Sonya Schönberger

Birte Endrejat, born 1979 in Langen, lives and works in Berlin.

She studied at Université du Québec à Montréal, Canada; Fondazione Antonio Ratti, Como, Italy and University of the Arts Bremen with Katharina Hinsberg and Yuji Takeoka. Since 2008 she is founding member of artist collective mark. Her works were on view at following selected institutions: Kunstverein Bremerhaven; Tacho project space, Berlin; Lage Egal, Berlin; Raketenstation Insel Hombroich Foundation, Neuss; periscope, Salzburg; Spinnerei, Leipzig; Kunstverein Salzburg; Heinz-Arnold-Bockmeyer Foundation Bremen; Kunstfonds Formine, Italy; Temporary Art Centre Eindhoven; Kunstverein Tiergarten | Galerie Nord Berlin; Weserburg | Museum of Modern Art Bremen; Heliopolis Gallery, New York; Gesellschaft für aktuelle Kunst, Bremen; Galerie für zeitgenössische Kunst, Leipzig; SKOL — Centre des Arts Actuels, Montreal; off-Biennale Montreal and Kunstverein Hannover.


“My art practice is concerned with the interrelationship between the production and reception of art today. That is to say my practice incorporates, reflects and interrogates “art” through its modes of definition and being: the artist, the recipient, the museum or gallery itself, along with it’s corporate image up to a specific discourse. Using its current state as my starting point, I examine the conditions of a situation within the art context. I am interested in the physical and discursive space offered as a framework for the action that takes place there. In my work no single object or result dominates the other components that emerge in the process and in fact questioning and replacing the clearly defined art object with open systems is a fundamental concern of my artistic practice. With actors, audio tracks, city maps or physical additions I create a new structure that is woven very tightly with the original situation.”