Ani­ta Mikas

Mikas Anita steht neben Gemälde

Ani­ta Mikas, born 1988 in Zduńs­ka Wola/​Poland, lives and works in Leipzig.

She stu­di­ed at Uni­ver­si­ty of Fine Arts in Poz­nań and HGB Leipzig.

In her lar­ge-sca­le works the artist deals with emo­ti­ons, loss and cata­stro­phes com­ing along with love. She draws and paints her moti­ves in dif­fe­rent shades of grey with acry­lic on can­vas, like huge nega­ti­ves. Her moti­ves are most­ly rooms, which turn into an emo­tio­nal medi­um and transmitter.