Anna Tsia­nou

Portrait Anna Tsianou

Anna Tsia­nou, born 1980 in Stutt­gart, lives and works in Berlin.

She stu­di­ed at Uni­ver­si­ty of the Arts Ber­lin with Prof. Chris­tia­ne Möbus. Her works were on view at fol­lowing selec­ted insti­tu­ti­ons: Zwing­li Church, Ber­lin; Haus am Kleist­park, Ber­lin; Sexau­er Gal­le­ry, Ber­lin; Spin­ne­rei, Leip­zig; Karl Marx Stu­dio, Ber­lin; Euro­pean Cen­ter, Con­tem­pora­ry Space Athens; Kunst­ver­ein Tier­gar­ten | Gale­rie Nord, Ber­lin; Deli­ka­tes­sen­haus e.V. Leip­zig; Tem­pora­ry Art Cent­re Eind­ho­ven; Stadt­mu­se­um Hof­heim am Tau­nus; Kunst­hal­le am Ham­bur­ger Platz, Ber­lin and Ufer­hal­len Berlin.

“The star­ting points of my pro­jects are simp­le forms and struc­tures, which at the same time show a sym­bo­lic or his­to­ric com­ple­xi­ty. In my work I want to unco­ver the nar­ra­ti­ve poten­ti­al and the inner struc­tures of objects and spaces, which hide behind forms that are simp­le and easy to under­stand. For the rea­liz­a­ti­on of my pro­jects I use dif­fe­rent media, like pho­to­gra­phy, drawings, video and objects. I like to expe­ri­ment with spe­cial cha­rac­te­ris­tics of the par­ti­cu­lar media, which I con­trast with each other in an instal­la­ti­ve relation.”