Suzana Brbo­ro­vić

Porträt Suzana Brborovic mit Kamera

Suzana Brbo­ro­vic, born 1988 in Kranj/​Slovenia, lives and works in Leipzig.
She stu­di­ed at the Aca­de­my of Fine Arts and Design Ljub­l­ja­na and at Aca­de­my of Visu­al Arts Leip­zig with Prof. Otters­bach. She recei­ved the First pri­ze for Slo­ve­nia wit­hin ESSL ART AWARD CEE 2011. Her works were on view at fol­lowing selec­ted insti­tu­ti­ons: Gale­rie Anet­te Mül­ler, Düs­sel­dorf; Muse­um of Con­tem­pora­ry Art Ljub­l­ja­na; Bükü, Leip­zig; City Gal­le­ry, Nova Gorica/​Slovenia; Bay­er Kul­tur, Lever­ku­sen; Jako­pič Gal­le­ry, Ljub­l­ja­na; Tri­umph Gal­le­ry, Moscow; A room that…/Spinnerei, Leip­zig; City Art Muse­um, Nova Gori­ca; Gal­le­ry Alkat­raz, Ljub­l­ja­na; Muse­um of Art Boži­dar Jakac, Kos­tan­je­vi­ca na Krki/​Slovenia; Coas­tal Gal­le­ries, Piran; CD Gal­le­ry, Ljub­l­ja­na; Medu­za Gal­le­ry, Koper/​Slovenia; Equr­na Gal­le­ry, Ljub­l­ja­na; Town Hall Gal­le­ry, Brno; Essl Muse­um, Klosterneuburg/​Vienna; SC Gal­le­ry, Zagreb; Simu­la­ker Gal­le­ry, Novo Mesto/​Slovenia; Bežig­rad Gal­le­ry 1, Ljub­l­ja­na; Kre­si­ja Gal­le­ry, Ljub­l­ja­na; Cul­tu­re cent­re, Zagorje/​Slovenia; Mon­fort Wareh­ouse, Portorož; Muse­um of Modern Art, Ljub­l­ja­na; ART-EXPO, Art fair, Arezzo/​Italia and Gal­le­ry of Lot­te­ry Slo­ve­nia, Ljubljana.

Brbo­ro­vić works in the field of pain­ting and instal­la­ti­on, dealing with archi­tec­tu­al and urban pro­blems of cities. Her artis­tic prac­ti­ce is based on the over­loo­ked and neglec­ted buildings/​objects in the area she inves­ti­ga­tes and pro­ces­ses it into a body of art. She par­ti­ci­pa­ted on nume­rous exhi­bi­ti­ons and recei­ved awards for her work. Her pain­tings are inclu­ded in important public and pri­va­te collections.