Kay­o­ko Tomita

Mime­ti­sche Ausdrücke von Frag­men­ten, Video­in­stal­la­ti­on, Bea­mer x 2, Moni­tor x 3, Holz, Stoff, Grö­ße: varia­bel, 4:55 min – loop, HD, Far­be, Ton, 2016, Foto­gra­fin: Kay­o­ko Tomita

wör­ter ver­dau­en, Video Instal­la­ti­on, Bea­mer, Holz, Papier, 0:02 min – loop, HD, 2014, Foto­gra­fen: Max Mén­dez, Mat­thi­as Ritzmann

24 Stdn. l ae db en, Video­in­stal­la­ti­on, Moni­tor, 02:40 min – loop, HD, Far­be, Ton, 2015, Foto­gra­fin: Stillbild

Kay­o­ko Tomi­ta is a artist who works with video, film, pho­to and moving images which are often
dis­play­ed as pro­jec­tions. Her works focus on the ide­as behind human expe­ri­en­ces such as
lan­guages, alie­na­ti­on in cul­tu­re and dif­fe­rence of per­cep­ti­on.- Kay­o­ko Tomita

Kay­o­ko Tomi­ta, born 1988 in Tokyo, lives and works in Berlin.
She stu­di­ed at Sap­po­ro City Uni­ver­si­ty and at Burg Giebichenstein/​Kunsthochschule Halle/​Saale. Her works were on view at fol­lowing selec­ted insti­tu­ti­ons: A room that…/Spinnerei, Leip­zig; GFZK, Leip­zig; Werk­leitz Fes­ti­val, Hal­le; Burg Gale­rie im Volks­park, Hal­le; Gale­rie f2-hal­le für kunst, Hal­le and at Trans­me­dia­le 2013/​Gallery Mario Maz­zo­li, Berlin.